To assure the facilities that will cover the complete range of therapeutic solution by providing highest quality and efficient medicines available and reasonable throughout the country.

To be one of the prominent source of pharmaceutical products globally.


Our mission is to support health care professions as one of the major medicine providers by striving towards unwavering quality, expanding therapeutic coverage through superior generics, adopting latest technology and continually upgrading our knowledge and processes.


From our beginning, the company does not allow any compromise with the quality of our products, which give us upper hand to promote our brands over the market competitors. Quality is the result of our inherent work practice with the adoption of latest technologies, well trained personnel and proper implementation of WHO cGMP norms in infrastructure, production and quality control. Considering the patients’ need, we at Globe Pharma are dedicated to ensure highest efficacy and safety in our products.

We at Globe Pharma emphasize on the following values to uphold our brand promise in the market.

Essential and Broader Therapeutic Coverage: We have a strong portfolio in which over 200 brands are available for wider range of therapeutic management. Our market coverage has been enlarging continually through launching of new products with measuring the therapeutic merits.

Quality: As a health care fellowship, Globe never compromise with quality, which give us upper hand to promote our brands over market competitors. Considering the patients’ need, we are dedicated to ensure highest quality in terms of purity, dosing uniformity and palatability, stability, efficacy and safety.

Advanced Technology: Globe Pharma has adopted all the latest technology that enables us to produce ever sophisticated products include soft capsule, sterile injection, infusion and ophthalmic preparations.

Availability: Globe’s products are available at every market through 18 individual depots which are located in different central parts in the country.