We are among the very few manufacturers who have soft gelatin capsule production facilities. Soft Gelatin Capsule is the easiest way to incorporate liquid or semisolid drugs which are chemically more stable and effective in liquid form. Also, it is the superior means of mask bad odor and bitter taste than any other liquid formulations, which also minimize the dose variations unlike liquid formulations.

We have modernized soft gelatin encapsulation production line on the best technology platform, adopts international advanced control technology, precise design, precise manufacturing and finished the line, it is the stable and dependable tool for the high quality soft capsule production at present.

Distinctive features of our Soft Capsule Technology

  1. Capable to produce multi-shape like round, oval, oblong, tube, calabash, fish etc. and assorted color that increase the aesthetic value
  2. Accurate filling to maintain uniform dosing
  3. Tamper resistant
  4. Better bioavailability
  5. High volume of production capacity
  6. The structure of material outlet is easy to be disassembled and cleaned.

At present we are producing and marketing the following soft capsules-

  1. Ecovit S
  2. Ecovit 400
  3. Gynoheal
  4. A-Forte
  5. A Vit 1
  6. A-Vit 2
  7. Ecotin