Globe Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has proudly launched Ophthalmology Division with the facilities of Eye drops, Eye ointment/cream. The plant has been designed with the WHO-FDA guidelines and the technology best of its kind on which containers are sterilized, filled, sealed and labeled fully automatically.

Our objective is to provide the most significant medications being the best effective for therapeutic management of both common and critical eye disorders. We are pleased to offer our launching package of eye drops which ranges portfolios including anti-infective, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-glaucoma and products for dry eye relief.

Our eye drops are manufactured in an environmental condition, which is outfitted with a series of European machines and equipments as part of its streamlined production system. The products are filled, sealed and labeled automatically to ensure the purest and finest quality that makes our brands unique competent in ocular disease management.

We use the containers fitted with the requirements in terms of appearance, drug compatibility, barrier properties, uniformity of dosing in each drop and easy to squeeze that guarantee the integrity of the drug.

Globe’s Ophthalmic products are strictly tested to ensure the sterility, pH, isotonicity and viscosity of products as recommended for eye drops.