The plant of Globe Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is located at BSCIC industrial estate under Begumgonj Upazilla of Noakhali Districts, South east part of Bangladesh, about 250 kilometres far from the Capital city, Dhaka & about 200 kilometres far from port city, Chittagong.

Our manufacturing area have been designed into different functioning zone to maintain optimum environment required to ensure highest quality and safety for specific formulation area. Each Zone consists of separate AHUs (Air Handling Units), Dehumidification Unit, Dust Extraction System, Temperature Controlling as per WHO GMP norms.

Below are the highlighting features of our plant-

Formulation facilities:

Our high performance machineries for granulation, blending, drying, autoclaving, compressing as well as coating facilities have enabled us to produce tablet in variations that covering coated, uncoated, chewable, effervescent, sustained and time release tablet.

It is a matter of pleasure that we have hi-tech facilities for manufacturing of both Hard capsules and Soft Capsules.

We have the European origin production line for manufacturing of Syrup, Solution, Emulsions, Suspensions and Pediatric drops, which are filled accurately in various suitable bottles such as Amber glass, HDPE bottle.

Our dry PFS are dispensed in HDPE bottles with a PIL, spoon and dropper.

The manufacturing area of our parenteral products are strictly justified to optimum sterile conditions in which liquid and dry vials as well as ampoules are filled, sealed and packaged automatically. Our parenteral division also includes the facilities for Large Volume Parenteral Liquid (LVPL) preparation.

We have specialized Cephalosporin plant, which have been installed dedicatedly to avoid antibiotic-cross contamination. The plant has hi-tech untouched production line from washing to final packaging for preparation of both oral (solid and liquid) and parenteral formulations.

Our topical cream and ointment are packaged in flexible lamitube and aluminum tube that optimize the stability of drug.

We have the technology best on its kind on which Eye drops are sterilized, filled, sealed and labeled automatically.

Packaging Facilities: Globe Pharma has auto packaging and cartoning facilities which yield highest efficiency and productivity for primary, secondary and final packaging of tablet, capsule, liquid and injectable products.

HVAC system: Our powerful HVAC systems are installed with the concept to provide optimum Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning for maintaining specific facilities area through peripheral loop point placed at the zone. Separate controlling facilities at specific zone effectively ensure 100% fresh air, optimum humidity and thermal according to WHO GMP norms.

Water Treatment Facilities: Water-quality plays an important role to compound products, wash containers and for steam sterilization process. It is recommended that water used in pharmaceutical in Water-quality plays an important role to compound products, wash containers and for steam sterilization process. We have Multi Stage DM Plant correctly engineered to meet the stringent requirement of chemical and biological purity according to USP/BP specification. Deep tube well pump house are installed at the site to supply the full time demand of the plant. Double pass reverse osmosis (RO) and electro-deionization (EDI) system are the basic mechanism for preparation of purified water, which are only used in production of non-sterile products. Water for Injection is prepared by multicolumn distillation plant with UV sterilizer in addition of RO and EDI process to ensure the products free of pathogen and pyrogen as well. WFI is used in the Injectable items which directly contact the blood. Only after the final approval of Quality control and microbiology department, the treated water become ready for use.

Quality Control and R & D facilities: The plant has self reliant Quality Control and R&D Departments, which are well furnished with sophisticated HPLC, Atomic absorption, GCs, Titration FTIRS, UV Spectrophotometers, Dissolution and other necessary apparatus to perform the quality analysis accurately. Specialized microbiology department has allied to define critical area to ensure recommended class for sterile, non sterile, steroid, packaging area, storage conditions as well as whole.(Pics)

Storage: A massive capacities warehouse are installed for storing of Raw Materials, Packaging goods and finished products to meet the requirements of production, preservation and dispatch of finished products as per concept of Good storage practice of pharmaceuticals.

Power Back-up System: High power generators are available for full time back up of electricity to ensure the plant to run 24hrs operations uninterruptedly.

Hygiene, Safety and Health Facilities: The Company pursues the responsibility for good health and safety of its employee. Adequate first-aid boxes are introduced in each floor and zone; fire detection and protection are also available in each floor. The company provides change rooms and wash facilities with uniform. There are separate change rooms for men and women workers.

Persons working in cephalosporin area are provided with different set of uniforms (with different color) compared to normal uniform. These uniforms are washed, dried and stored separately which is then subjected to sterilization before use. Persons working in sterile area are screened for any sign of contagious diseases and history is noted down. Visual checking personnel are routinely checked for eye sight by a qualified physician. All employees are medically examined at the time of recruitment and subsequent medical examination is carried out routinely.

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP): Considering the hazardous impact of industrial waste on our land and water, Globe has established a modern Effluent Treatment (ETP) & Incinerator at the site for managing of solid and liquid waste disposal properly.

Training Facilities: Personnel at all levels are undergone general cGMP and Technical training on regular basis. Enviable supports for conference facilities are available at this site to conduct training, and symposium..

HR and Administration: Supports different units of the plant for HR related issues, general services, general logistics and administrative issues.